Feeding Solutions

ConditionFeeding & Management TipsRecommended Feed(s)
ConditionFeeding & Management TipsRecommended Feed(s)
RAO, COPD, Heaves, Respiratory Allergies, EIPH (bleeders)Avoid dusty grains, hays & dry pelleted feeds. Feed a complete textured feed high in digestible fibers. Feed chopped or cubed hay. Soak hays.Seminole Wellness Show & SportⓇ
Tying Up (PSSM, EPSM)Avoid grain-based, high-starch diets. Feed low starch feeds. Higher-fat feeds are recommended for EPSM, draft horses and “hard-keepers”.Seminole Wellness Perform Safe™, Seminole Wellness Show & SportⓇ, Seminole Wellness Senior MixⓇ
Colic Gas/ImpactionFeed hay at a minimum of 2% of body weight daily. Provide minerals free-choice. Do not feed horse directly on the ground, place a mat under feed bucket to minimize consumption of sandSeminole Wellness®
Laminitis (Chronic)Feed diet extremely low in starch.Seminole Wellness Equi-SafeⓇ
Laminitis (At Risk)Feed diet low in starch.Seminole Wellness®
Insulin Resistance/CushingsFeed diet low in starch, watch for weight changes.Seminole Wellness Equi-SafeⓇ
DODFeed diet low in starch, high in lysine or protein, with balanced levels of Calcium:Phosphorus.Seminole Wellness Grow RightⓇ
HYPPKeep potassium low in diet. Avoid excess molasses & alfalfaSeminole FeedⓇ Ultra Dynamix, Seminole Equalizer & Oats
Gastric UlcersAvoid grains and high starch feeds. Feed a low starch feed. Decrease feed intake. Feed forage & hay at a minimum of 2% body of weight daily.Seminole Wellness Perform Safe™, Seminole Wellness Safe & LightⓇ
Bolting Feed/ChokeMix chopped or cubed forages with feed to slow feeding rate & encourage horse to chew.Any Seminole Feed® Textured
Poor Teeth/Dental MalocclusionsFollow your equine dentists recommendations. Feed an easy-to-chew feed.Seminole Wellness Senior MixⓇ
HyperactivityFeed low starch, low sugar diet. Keep volume of feed low. Supplement with oils if needed.Seminole Wellness Perform Safe™, Seminole Wellness Safe & LightⓇ
Feeding Oats or a COB DietMix grain with a ration balancer.Seminole FeedⓇ Equalizer
Pasture or Forage OnlyProvide free-choice minerals.Seminole FeedⓇ Equalizer (optional)
Overweight HorseFeed low starch feed to avoid laminitis. Feed a reduced calorie diet & increase exercise.Seminole Wellness Safe & LightⓇ, Seminole Wellness Equi-SafeⓇ
Underweight Horse/Hard KeeperFeed diet high in digestible fibers & fats.Seminole Wellness Show & SportⓇ
Finicky EaterInclude yeast culture in the horse’s diet. Horses may prefer either sweet feed over pellets or vice versa.Seminole Wellness Victory!™
Geriatric HorseFeed a diet high in digestible fibers. Avoid whole grains.Seminole Wellness Senior MixⓇ
Orphan FoalBottle feed if possible along with creep feeding.Seminole Wellness Grow RightⓇ
Brittle/Split HoovesProvide feed with high quality proteins and amino acids, biotin, methionine & zinc.Any Seminole Premium Feed with at least 12% Protein.
Poor EnduranceFeed high calorie, high fat feed with digestible fibers. Avoid low or high starch diets.Seminole Wellness Show & SportⓇ, Seminole Wellness Senior MixⓇ